A brain hackaton!

We visited a brain hackaton in Budapest, on 8. and 9. october 2016.

Our team presented an idea of gathering data from multiple sensors, EEG, eye tracking, sensory input, ... and combine them on a common denominator, while still keeping their individual information.

This would allow for greater correlation analysis and pattern matching, beyond each products respective tool.

As a demo we created a data gatherer component, which we then integrated with the OpenBCI data visualization software and VLC playback which would allow us to easily synchronise an audio/video presentation with the EEG values. We also streamed these values to Maya for realtime visualization of EEG values on a 3d brain model.

The team:
- Slavko Glamocanin
- Jan Košir
- Andrej Zadnik

Sponsor of our ride there and back was abc accelerator.

There was about an hour of sleep for me and 0 for our fellow Jan, who is the hero of these olympics:)

The picture was taken at around 2am to enter a competition for best liked wacky picture on facebook.