Slot Machine Hacking Workshop

Brains for toys - Mini Maker Faire Ljubljana

Moto Mods software development

Making of Interactivalia presentation

Making of - VODOGRAM II

RaspberryPI init system

Energy interaction - making of

A touch of robotics

8 channel synth / osc router

RaspberryPI based 16 channel audio player

Muse EEG pouring a beer - Making of

Making of: Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec: Reading Stanley Brouwn


A RaspberryPi based synthesizer platform

Maska - development of a centralized GUI

Kinect hotspots - making of WHO IS THE ARTIST

Moonolith (DarkStar) - making of

The project is based on a plexi-glass buckyball with an inside projection.

RaspberryPI Motion detection - video player

Spectral modulator - making of

Wireless camera, making of Generalka za generacijo

A brain hackaton!