Naprave Video Player

In the box

The player comes with a standard 5V adapter, with additional EU and UK plugs


You can use HDMI to connect the video or standard video with a jack to cinch cable (not included). First connect the cables then turn on the media player, so it sets the right resolution. For audio you can use either HDMI or jack output, see the “settings” section for more.


Put the media you want to play on an USB drive (FAT filesystem recommended) and insert it into the player. Turn the player on, and after a couple of seconds it starts playing the video/audio. The supported media list is vast, recommended video codec is H264, but most formats should work.


On the USB drive you insert you can create specific folders to alter the players behaviour. Create the folder in the root (topmost folder) of the usb key.

HDMI <-> jack audio

If you create a folder named HDMI, the player will output audio through the HDMI port, otherwise it will output it on the jack.


When synchronizing multiple players, one player is a master and others are slaves which get restarted when the master player’s media restarts.

First connect the players with an ethernet cable. When using two players you can them connect directly, for more players, connect with a ethernet hub.

To define the master player, create a folder named master on the usb key you insert.

The player is made to be autonomous, just plug it in and it plays the media in a loop.

Customization options are also available, contact

Short instructions for the video player